Sunnyside Elementary Parent Advisory Council

DPAC – District Parent Advisory Council

Hello, my name is Elaine Cheung, I am a Sunnyside Elementary parent and your new DPAC representative. I represent the Sunnyside PAC at the surrey district PAC level. I am responsible for attending Surrey DPAC meetings, exercising your PAC’s vote, and reporting back to our PAC.

What is the surrey DPAC: The District 36 Parent Advisory Council, known as the Surrey DPAC, is a registered non-profit society formed in 1978 to represents the interests of Surrey parents in the public education system and 2 important things they do are:

1. Provide parents with a forum for discussion of issues affecting the health, welfare and education of our children,

2. Advises the Surrey School District (the district sets the price on the cost of things the school can purchase).

I know there are things that we need to fundraise for but feel that perhaps these things should be paid for by the District or that the prices are just too high (such as putting grass on our field will cost $500K and 1 buddy bench will cost $5000, playground costs.

My plan is to approach other DPACs in district #36 and see if they also agree that those things should be paid for by the district or that the prices should be revisited. If we get enough DPACs to agree on certain items, then as a group, we can approach the surrey DPAC and address our unified concerns. With strength in numbers, we can eventually get those things to change at the District level and perhaps even higher.

 For more information and future meeting dates, please visit: