Sunnyside Elementary Parent Advisory Council

Calling All Beverage Containers!

THE WHAT: The PAC has officially launched a Sunnyside beverage recycling program.

We all have to do our part to ensure recycling stays out of the landfill, and we may as well FUNDRAISE for our school while we're at it! Money raised could be used to help fund a new playground, technology, field trips, and more.

If every student brought in 50 cents worth of recyclables every week until the end of the school year, we can raise $10,000!


In addition, we have an exciting opportunity to potentially win $5000 by competing against other participating BC schools, based on how much we return, in conjunction with a written essay.


THE HOW:  Bring in all your refundable beverage containers and deposit them into one of the large yellow recycling bins any time, including weekends. The bins are located at two outside locations on either end of the school. Containers should be empty and rinsed, when possible.


***  Please note that only beverage containers should be deposited.  ***


NO GARBAGE! Please remind your children not to place any garbage in the bins. There will be a bag on the outside of the bin that you can deposit your used bags into for further recycling.


Bins will be picked up approximately once a month. 


ADDITIONAL INFO:  For further convenience, we have created an express drop account whereby you, your family, and friends can drop their containers off at any of the 20 locations that have RETURN-IT EXPRESS, allowing them to help our school from almost anywhere in the province!


All one has to do is:

 - Use a transparent bag for containers.

 - Go to a Return-It Express location and enter phone number #888-888-8888 (this is the actual phone number) at the kiosk, follow the prompts.

 - Put the printed label on the bag, drop bag and go. Easy.


More information on the Return-It Express depots and process can be found online at


Start bringing in your refundable beverage containers today!


If you have any questions or would be interested in being a part of the recycling committee, please feel free to contact Jesse at