Sunnyside Elementary Parent Advisory Council

School Planning Council (SPC)

SPCs were legally mandated July 01, 2002.

The creation of SPCs formally acknowledges the importance of parental involvement in improving student achievement by formalizing the role of parents in all schools in British Columbia. "A School Planning Council must consult with the parents’ advisory council during the preparation of the school plan." 8.3(3)

The SPC is an advisory body. The major responsibility of SPC is to consult with the school community in developing, monitoring, and reviewing school plans for improving student achievement. "A SPC must prepare and submit to the board a plan for the school in respect of improving student achievement and other matters contained in the board’s accountability contract relating to the school." 8.3(2)

The School Planning Council provides advice to the School Board with respect to:

  • allocation of staff and resources in the school;
  • matters contained in the board’s accountability contract relating to the school; and,
  • educational services and educational programs in the school.

The School Planning Council does not engage in discussion or provide advice regarding:
    • personal/confidential information on students, teachers, parents, or other employees; or,
    • complaints about individuals

What are School Plans?

School plans focus on specific areas of student achievement. Student achievement includes intellectual, human, social, and career development. The primary focus of the school is on intellectual development. School plans should reflect the context of the school and the full range of students served.

What is a School Community?

The school community consists of all parents, students, administrators, teachers, and support staff. It is important that the SPC be proactive in reaching out to all members of the school community when developing school plans. School plans reflect the characteristics, values, and needs of the school community.

What is the structure of the SPC?

The SPC consists of:

  • the school principal;
  • one teacher representative elected by secret ballot from the teaching staff; and,
  • three representatives elected by secret ballot from the school’s Parent Advisory Council (one representative must be an elected officer of the Parent Advisory Council)
  • one student (secondary schools only) elected by the Student Council

How to become involved

Attend your PAC meetings. Find out who is on the SPC. Ask when the SPC election is. At every PAC meeting, request an update from the SPC, if it is not on the Agenda. Ask for the School Growth Plans. Talk with other parents in your school.

Inform yourself about the school and its community. Share the benefit of your knowledge with your child and all children in your school.

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